09 May 2008

Construction Returns to Wadsworth

In the last few weeks, the American Development Group has returned to construction next door to the apartment building in which I reside. The project entitled "One Wadsworth Terrace," has been untouched for two years, since they last touched the area. In an e-mail from February 2007, the problem that had been delaying the project was that
the city received complaints regarding the general concept of our firm doing any type of construction. During the numerous inspections the city conducted, it was determined by one of the inspectors that we lacked ownership of the retaining wall and as such could not proceed with any work until the the wall ownership could be determined.
The issue became more troublsome as no city agency wished to take responsibility of the ownership of the wall. It is still an issue at this point and we are working with various city agencies to resolve the situation. It will take some additional time to get this resolved. Until this situation is resolved everyone will be inconvenienced on many different levels.
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Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

I grew up on Wadsworth Terrace.

Detail Diva Events said...

While they iron out this whole wall situation it would be nice if they would let people park there again. This neighborhood has a serious parking situation and then constuctions sites that take away these spaces.