02 December 2007

Blogging? (okay, meta-blogging)

Yeah, my blogging's been falling off as of late. Although really it's been kind of on the lame side since I secondly stepped back (though there was also an initial step back that preceded that), these past few months, since I got married, have been especially low on the posting meter. This past weekend was particularly interesting as I ran into a few people who haven't been blogging so much so recently (eg Josh & Dina), helping me realize it wasn't just me who hadn't been doing so much blogging.
In any event, we'll see how much blogging I'm actually able to do, though there are still many topics about which I'd like to blog.

1 comment:

David said...

It's aiight...a lot of people I know have not been blogging. My main reason for blogging now is just to get stuff out there because otherwise I sit on my writing and never finish it.