10 April 2006

Weekend back in Ohio

This weekend, I made it back to my parents' home in Gahanna, OH. However, it started off badly on Friday morning when I showed up an hour before my flight to LaGuardia at the Delta terminal. There was the most absurd security line, which cost me getting on the flight, and then I had to pay $25 to get on the next flight - it was utterly maddening. Anyways, I made it onto the next one and fell asleep before we took off and woke up only when the unfasten seat belts sign came on. After hanging out with my family in the nice weather at Easton, including some clothes shopping and eating some Graeter's, I got ready for shabbas and then found out that the shul that my sister and I would be attending for services on shabbas was the only one of the three Orthodox shuls in town taking in shabbas an hour early, causing me to lose out on my erev-shabbas jog. Shabbas went well (my sister and I stayed at our grandmother's for shabbas), though I was asked on Friday night to give a devar Torah at seudah shlishi the following day, which I was able to handle, though I hadn't brought along a lot of books with me.
After shabbas, I went with my si
ster and others to Graeter's, though I was tired and went back home after shabbas.
On Sunday, I helped my Grandmother prepare for the seder, helping in food preparations for the first time in years (that's right, I can actually help make food), and went with my Mom, walking around Creekside (also to follow in a following post). Also, I went with my sister to Graeter's and to see a movie (yeah, $3.50 for a movie - definitely not a Manhattan price).
I added to this posting with pictures on Tuesday 11 April of Easton and Creekside.
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Anonymous said...

You're getting your fill of ice cream, aren't you? What's so special about that place? And yeah, you're not the only one who ended up missing a flight due to such circumstances. Enjoy the vacation.

Anonymous said...

What's so special about Graeter's?? What a silly question. If it's the best ice cream ever, obviously it's special! Friday I had black raspberry chip, motzei Shabbos chocolate almond, and Sunday chocolate chip cookie dough - Graeter's is amazing!!! If you haven't tried it yet to know that's true, then the next time that you are in Cincinnati (its birthplace), Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, Lexington (yes, KY!!), or Louisville you can try it for yourself.

Anonymous said...

i think its really cool that your name is a verb, people can be talking junk about you and be like no way rebbi, we were just talking about what we did yesterday (beacuse it is a past tense verb). I hope you have fun in NJ, and dont catch a jewish accent, because those are just tacky. have a good yom tov!
----J-DAWG aka JENNAT.