16 April 2006

Being Home

While I am no longer home - and I was only at my apartment for the day before Passover to clean, then I went to Passaic, NJ for the holiday, went back to my apartment for several hours last night and then flew in to New Orleans today - I thought I should briefly post about it. While every time I return home, I think about how I last left it when I dwelled there in high school, and a little bit in college, but it's hard to think about it in the present tense as my living quarters. And, of course, without fail, things change around in Gahanna often, making my hometown even less than like it was when I grew up there, it's much more difficult when things change at home. My parents have changed some windows before, which I noticed in a previous visit (not to mention the acquisition of three black cats when I was away in Israel in the fall of 2001). However, my parents not only changed the bathroom in the opening hallway, they've also totally redone the bathroom that my sister and I used since growing up. While they might have mentioned it, it's very odd. To be honest, it was a nice improvement, but still different. I suppose I'm now ready for them to change my bedroom.
As to my now being in New Orleans, I suppose I will blog about that soon.

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