05 April 2006

The Construction Effort Next Door Gets An Address

Coming back to my apartment tonight, I found that there was some information posted on the blue-painted boards that are to be found standing upright on our street next to the currently deforested hill next to our building. In short, the address will be 1 Wadsworth Terrace. As the owner of the site is Wadsworth Condo, I think it would be safe to assume that not only will the building be named "Wadsworth Condo," but that also it will be a building of condominiums. While that will be a plus for the neighborhood, it may make prices go up in our neighborhood (which, however, is good for the landlords in the area).


Anonymous said...

I think this may cause many of the building in the area to go co-op.

Anonymous said...

I biked by the Wadsworth terrace site yesterday and there was a stop work order posted on the fence. It cited "failure to provide approved plans on site" or something to that effect. Anyway, this was dated sometime in March and reaffirmed on April 25th. The Wadsworth Condos is an entity created exclusivly to build that project. Does anyone know who the actual developer is? I caught American something, but I can't remember. It says the name on the building permit, but I can't read it.