02 May 2018

Leaving SoCal and Moving to Ohio This Summer

As my wife announced this morning, our family will be moving to Cincinnati, Ohio this summer. While we will be sad to depart from folks we know here, as well as the unquestionably lovely weather here in southern California, this move also represents a great opportunity for our family, having moved to southern California eight and half years ago.

My wife will be moving on from having served as the Executive Director of Long Beach Hillel for eight and a half years to becoming the new Executive Director of Cincinnati Hillel. We’re very excited for her new position, which she begins in August.

Ever since I parted ways with my former employer, having worked in that position for over six and half years, I have been taking care of my son and have been involved more with my daughters. It has been quite the humbling experience. With my son’s beginning to walk and soon to go to preschool, I am greatly looking forward to getting back into the workforce. 

One impetus for us to move is also looking for more of a Shabbat community. While we used to be able to walk to our local Chabad shul for holidays and sometimes for Shabbat, there wasn’t an eruv for us to be able to carry anything, nor for us to bring our younger children. With our move, we are excited to be moving to a Modern Orthodox community with an eruv, which should be great to have a more robust Shabbat community, which should be especially great for our kids.

It has been a great 8.5 years for us here in SoCal, especially having three of our kids and raising them in their younger years, but now it’s time for us to move on, professionally and as a family. We still have a couple months left here, so we’re still here to say good-bye to fellow SoCal people.


Kristy Collins said...

I love you guys and wish nothing but love even though my selfish inner child is clinging to you all in CA. You all deserve the best, Eli included for a family environment. Bittersweet. Damn you FB for not letting me be in the ignorant is bless stage of NOT KNOWING. Prayers to you and may Gd help you during this transition. HUGS AND LOTS OF LOVE.
Kristy in Chico

Noah White said...

Miss you both, but it's part of your journey thank you for your presence these past few years and then some it will be always an immeasurable experience that carried me into discovering who I am and for that I commend and thank you,

Noah White

Drew Kaplan said...

Kristy - Thank you so much!

Noah - Thank you; I appreciate it! I wish you the best in your continued journey of discovering yourself :)