26 July 2013

Rabbinic Popularity in the Tosefta VII: Top Twenty Overall [Final Tally]

So, I have finished going through and tabulating the times that sages (or anybody, really) appear in the Tosefta.  (Yay!)  What follows is the top twenty most frequently-appearing sages/people in the Tosefta (for the most frequent appearances in individual sedarim: סדר זרעים ,סדר מועד , סדר נשים, סדר נזיקין, סדר קדשים, and סדר טהרות):
1 - רבי יהודה
2 - רבי שמעון
3 - רבי יוסי
4 - רבי מאיר
5 - חכמים
6 - רבי אליעזר
7 - רבן שמעון בן גמליאל
8 - רבי עקיבא
9 - רבי
10 - בית הלל
11 - בית שמאי
12 - רבי שמעון בן אלעזר
13 - רבי יהושע
14 - רבי אלעזר
15 - רבי יוסי ברבי יהודה
16 - רבן גמליאל
17 - רבי אלעזר ברבי שמעון
18 - רבי אלעזר ברבי צדוק
T-19 - רבי טרפון
T-19 - רבי ישמעאל
Just as with the Mishnah, Rabbi Yehudah dominated in appearances, with none coming even close to him (with nearly a thousand mentions), with Rabbi Shim'on and Rabbi Yosi following him.  Following them, with a bit less were Rabbi Me'ir and the Sages, rounding out the top five.  With still over three hundred mentions come Rabbi Eli'ezer and Rabban Shim'on, son of Gamliel.  With over two hundred mentions come Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi [Yehudah the Prince], Hillel's Academy and Shammai's Academy.  With over a hundred mentions then come Rabbi Shim'on, son of El'azar, Rabbi Yehoshu'a, Rabbi El'azar, and Rabbi Yosi, son of Rabbi Yehudah.

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