08 February 2010

Mezuzah on My Mind

mezuzah removed and parallel with the gateA week ago, Rachel and I were in LA and bought a bunch of mezuzot for the house we are renting for at least a year in Long Beach (since there are a lot more doorways in a 3-bedroom house in California than there are in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City) and put them up that evening.mezuzah holder on the ground
The following day was my first session holding a "Twenty Minutes of Talmud Tuesdays" class at CSULB and I led it on a section in the Talmud about where on the doorway to place a mezuzah. I figured it was relevant in my life since we had to put up a bunch of mezuzos and figure out where to place them.mezuzah put back up
By Thursday evening, I had noticed, while walking in the patio in the back of our house while holding my daughter that there was a mezuzah scroll on the ground. "How odd," I thought, "it must've just slipped out the bottom of the mezuzah holder." When I went around the back gate, I saw that the mezuzah holder's top and bottom were cast aside and it was parallel to the back gate. The obvious thing that occurred was that it did not fall on its own nor was it done by wind or rain - it was clearly done by a person. What I am hoping is that the removal of our property was a one-time occurrence and hopefully that person did not do it out of malice, nor out of anti-semitism, maybe just because we live in a housing association and it looked slightly different, someone took it off. If it does happen, again, the ADL will know about it.

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