23 September 2009


Three weeks ago, we moved to a new apartment. And although we moved only two blocks away, it was still quite a lot of work to first get things packed and then to get them over to the new place (take the stuff out of the apartment, down the hall to the elevator, and then from the elevator to outside of the building, then two blocks away to the new building, where we had to get it inside, then up the steps to the elevator, and then finally down the hall to our new apartment from the elevator). Fortunately, we had two movers with a big van to assist us [without whom I don't know how we could've moved] as well as a couple of friends who helped.
It has been 47 months since I moved into that apartment: initially as a single guy living in the bedroom with my two guinea pigs, having three sets of two roommates, each, living in the living room before my wife moved in 24.5 months ago after we got married (we lived in the bedroom and no one in the living room).
But now that our daughter has come into the world and has been growing, we figured it was time for her to have her own room (and for me to have a books & office space), so we found a two-bedroom apartment that was suitable for us that happened to be a couple of blocks away.
By this point, we're about 98% unpacked and am working on getting the rest of it unpacked.

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