05 February 2009

Trip to This Year's YU Seforim Sale

It is a tremendously fortunate thing that North America's largest Jewish booksale, the YU Seforim Sale, takes place in my neighborhood every February. And who was I not to take advantage of it? I've gone each of these past five years since I've lived in Washington Heights.Books I got this year at the YU Seforim Sale So this year I went again to the Seforim Sale and spent my budget as allotted by my wife. Pictured to the left is my picture of the books I got. Notable amongst them were three books by Marc Shapiro (aside from having one book from him that I got for free when I attended a conference two and a half years ago).
Right before I got to the check-out, I looked at the journals they had, especially the Journal for Halacha and Contemporary Society, when the young lady who was stationed there said they had a CD with articles which is searchable for that journal. How could I not get that? Indeed I did.
Okay, now I have to see if I can get an additional adjustment to my allotment from my wife....

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