23 October 2008

Weekly Vlog Posts #11 & #12

Below are my eleventh and twelfth weekly vlog postings. I have had difficulty in uploading them, as our Internet connection has not been good as well as my computer has been in the shop, but it is now back. Vlog posting #11, which is not well-lit can be found at the bottom of this posting, while vlog posting #12 is directly below and features a segment about eating and living in the city during Sukkos (beginning at the 1:44 mark) and also includes a bit about our recent trip up to Montréal for the first days of the Sukkos holiday (beginning at the 10:05 mark), odds & ends (beginning at the 11:58 mark), and concludes with outtakes (beginning at the 12:38 mark). In all, it is the longest of my vlog postings thus far.
Vlog #12

Vlog #11

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