05 October 2008

Weekly Vlog Post #10


Steven Radcliffe said...


Your gestures are usually symmetrical and big with circular motions. Seems OK, but done frequently it may lose in effect, it becomes predictable.
Also, if you occasionally paused, your separate statements might stand out more. Or you could experiment with talking at different rates.
Just some responses, you and R. have a great YK --

Steve R.

Drew_Kaplan said...

Thanks for the comment. I was also kind of thinking about the pausing between separate statements after seeing it. I will try the experimenting with talking at different rates and working on the hand motions, although the hand motions often differ from vlog post to vlog post.

Steven Radcliffe said...

always interesting -- if you make any more I'll probably watch them.

you did seem to be asking for comments in this one, not directly though, so that's the only excuse for my "review" above. So now I'd rather just watch them without reviewing. shalom

Drew_Kaplan said...

Yeah, I hope to upload tonight the last two vlog postings that have been hanging around, but I've been unable to unload, since I've been having Internet connectivity issues with my wife's computer. But now that I have my computer back, they should be up soon.