13 May 2007

An Erev Shabbas Jaunt in the Bronx Zoo

red pandaThe unfortunate thing about shabbasos in the summer is that one loses out on many hours on מוצאי שבת (Saturday night). However, what I often do during the Friday afternoons preceding these שבתות (Shabbasos) is a variety of preparations - mainly jogging and lifting weights. While I still could have gone to the gym to lift weights, my bad knee is preventing me from jogging.
Since my fiance, had already prepared most of the food for שבת (Shabbas), we each had enough time to randomly go to the Bronx Zoo on Friday afternoon. It was not a particularly expensive trip - we are already members of the zoo, so admission was free.
Anyways, what's pictured here is a red panda (no relation to the panda bear, it's more likely related to the raccoon), which we saw while riding on the Wild Asia Monorail sleeping and then visited the Himalayan Highlands exhibit to see two more red pandas, one of which is pictured here. Also on that monorail, we saw the baby rhino.
Anyways, it's worth a visit if you're in the New York area and have never been.

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donna said...

who was sleeping on the monorail, you or the panda?