19 February 2007


Saturday night, I went out with some friends bowling in Queens. I realized I hadn't bowled in years(!). This was sad as I grew up for many years bowling (although my father can correct me, but roughly before I started elementary school and stopping before high school (which is about eight, give or take)) in a weekly league. It was a regular part of my life (oh gosh, I sense a huge posting at some point on how baseball used to be part of my life and I miss it every spring, summer, and fall...) and for 10-11 years, it has been missing.
Anyways, I realized I hadn't bowled since I moved to New York(!) (I need to get out bowling...), which means that in least two and a half years, I hadn't bowled, but it's probably been 3-4 years.
So, I got about 133 in the first game, but then I shook off some of the rust and scored a 161.
I know I at least still have some bowling skills, but it'd be nice to retain it a little (now, if I can go back home and get my bowling ball...).


Stephanie said...

Drew - do you know if, during the high holy days, two different versions of "Avinu Malkeinu" need to be sung? One for RH and one for YP?


jenna said...

i cant believe im actuallyon your website. this is the only entry i actually liked reading. have a good night!