04 September 2005

My Three Apartments

Yep, I "have" three apartments right now: one in which I am paying rent in and sleeping in, one in which I am receiving mail, and one in which I have the majority of my stuff - and all of them are several blocks away from each other. I don't mind all of this, except, of course, for the moving part. I just agreed to live in a place for September while my new more permanent, well, certainly less temporary, apartment is getting finished up in the next two to three to four weeks (who knows?), while I still have to move most of my stuff out tomorrow or this week or something. So, I'm going to try to U-Haul it. Anyways, this is not a cool weekend. Kind of stressful, not only for me, but also for my sister who's contemplating where to go to school for the fall as Tulane has officially cancelled the fall semester due to the flood. Which, btw, also has probably ruined most, if not, all of her stuff she had at school. Anyways, I'll see what I can move.
This will be my first night sleeping on Bennett Ave., which is where my September apartment is. It's neat, actually, as I can look down on Bennett - cool.

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