24 September 2005

Erev Yom Huledet & Erev Shabbas

Exhausted as I was, I made it out of bed, though fifteen minutes later than I had intended and showed up for שחרית an equally late amount of time. However, there was a little herring, crackers, and mandelbread b/c of something. However, there were two non-YCTers there: one was a YU musmakh who answers phones for the OU kashrus line, which was neat to ask him a question or two (even though he generally tries to avoid such things when not on the kashrus hotline) and the second was an interesting guy who I had seen a few times last year at the yeshiva, though I knew neither who he was or his connection to "Chovevei" - but he is the real person behind Mar Gavriel's blog, an interesting site (an absolute must-read is the What Does Judaism Say About Pre-Marital Sex posting). So that was cool and got to ask him some questions (e.g. why he calls shabbas "schnabel") - it's always neat to meet JBloggers (his blog is now linked to the right) in real life. My next hope is to meet one of the most well-known - Esther Kustanowitz, but who knows?
School was fine, fighting off heavy tiredness, but we got to have our first (of more) שיעורים on נטילת ידים בבוקר, which was interesting, as it confirmed my understanding of the gemarra in שבת 108ב and 109א, which is so obviously NOT talking about washing hands in the morning (sorry, רש"י, but the רמב"ם was right).
After school, we started putting away more books on shelving, etc. (pictured). After which, I prepared for the סעודה שלישית in honor of my birthday, jogged, and got ready for shabbas.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

Yom Huledet Sameach and b'hatzlahah with your studies! If I'm so famous, why no links for me in your blogroll?


Drew_Kaplan said...

Wow! A JBlogosphere celeb! (Do those things actually exist? It seems kind of silly....) And visiting my site, too!
Anyways, I do have Jewlicious up there.... But I'll be sure to put up your other couple (unless you have more than JDA and MUK).
Thanks for stopping by.