25 December 2012

What I Enjoy Most About Visiting Las Vegas

In Las Vegas with Eiffel Tower replica behind us
Before moving out to Southern California, my wife and I had never been to Las Vegas. After spending the majority of our first year here, we finally ventured out to Vegas. Although the temperatures were 100 degrees and above, it was still a great time. It wasn't the gambling though: we did play the penny slots, but we actually broke even (or came out ahead (ended up $2 ahead from the penny slots, but used each of those dollars for tips for drinks from the waitresses who came around to the penny slots)). 
        We've been there several times since then, including four visits within the first eight months of this year (but none since).  Since neither my wife nor me are interested in gambling, the question comes up in conversation: what do we enjoy about visiting Las Vegas? 
       I can pinpoint three primary reasons: 1) The energy, 2) The aesthetics, and 3) The alcohol. There is such a great energy in Las Vegas and one can feel it just walking around. Perhaps some of it is carried with someone as they think back to the movies and television shows they've seen, and perhaps some of it is "in the air".  The aesthetics need very little description except to say that there are so many wonderful looking hotels and malls around - it's a great place just to look at the architecture.  Needless to say, these buildings add a great deal of energy to being there.  
Holding a really excellent bourbon-based cocktail
     Lastly, since I am not into gambling, nor do we go to the clubs (I've only ever been there as a married man (and a father) and have always gone to Vegas with my wife), nor do we go to shows much there (which cost a pretty penny), I enjoy Las Vegas for the alcohol.  While the alcohol there is no different than anywhere else, there are three primary things I look for: 1) I play a game called 'Find the Cheapest Booze' - I am not into finding just any alcohol, so let's look to see what competition does and see how it can benefit me, the customer.  2) It's nice to look for fun alcohol containers, such as the half-yards, yards, etc.  3) Lastly, Las Vegas is the place to go for new and exciting cocktails.  On our last trip to Vegas, I discovered a really excellent cocktail.
      Although I am missing going to Las Vegas, my wife says she is tiring of it, but there will be a time when I get to return :)

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