05 January 2012

Excited About Going to Tribefest 2012

Having returned yesterday from spending the previous day and a half in Las Vegas, I am looking forward to going to Tribefest this year (and, yes, I made sure I registered today).  I am not looking forward to it just because the weather should be great (of the four times I've been there it's either been winter or summer, whereas the weather should be excellent in March) and, plus, I'm not into gambling, card playing, etc., so that's also not why I'm excited for Vegas.
       So why am I excited?  The primary reason is the people. Jews [roughly] my age from all over the continent will be there, which will be great on its own and I love such gatherings (it's part of the reason I became a rabbi). First, it'll be great to reconnect with folks I haven't seen in a while; second, there should be new cool people to meet, which is super; third, professional networking; and fourth, making myself available as a rabbinic resource for young Jews all over and, of course, to young Jewish adults in Southern California.
Tribefest 2012 will be taking place at the Venetian
       Last year, I had wanted to attend, but, alas, our second daughter was about to be born.... So, this year, both my wife and I will both be able to attend :)
       Although I didn't hear such great things about last year's sessions at Tribefest, if there is anything decent, that'll be exceeding my expectations.  Plus, maybe since it was the first Tribefest, there may've been some patches that needed smoothing over.  Also, while the schedule was just released today, I also discovered there is a clergy track for sessions for rabbis and cantors, which should be awesome getting together with other young-ish rabbis!
       Lastly, though, it'll be awesome with all the alcohol that there is in Vegas, that'll be the icing on the cake to make it fantastic!

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