05 October 2011

PDF of Minhah for the Ten Days of Repentance

These last couple of days during this time on the Jewish calendar known as עשרת ימי תשובה - the ten days of repentance - I was struck with a challenge: in the afternoons, I am typically somewhere out and about and I need to daven מנחה (the afternoon prayer).  Now while during the rest of the year, I can do so by heart, there are several liturgical insertions for this time period and I haven't yet memorized them.  But, I was thinking, what if there was an on-the-go version for which I wouldn't need a סידור (siddur - prayerbook).  So, mostly going off of a Word document template I had been sent years ago, I put together a file of the prayers for minhah (also transliterated as minchah or mincha).
However, I know I am not the only one in the world facing this issue, so the pdf version of the file is online here and you can feel free to print it out, download it to your mobile device, etc....  

I have two things I would like to note about it: 1) It is really a simple file and nothing fancy about it - it's just the straight Hebrew and 2) There are no choreographical directions, etc....
Enjoy and גמר חתימה טובה.

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