29 April 2011

Rabbinic Popularity in the Mishnah V: סדר קדשים

Continuing my project to see which rabbis get the most mentions in the Mishnah (see previous posts on זרעים ,מועד ,נשים, and נזיקים), I perused through סדר קדשים. Once again, the most commonly appearing rabbi was Rabbi Yehudah, followed by Rabbi Shimon, and the Sages. One sage who popped up here and hadn't seemed to be prominent in the earlier four sedarim was Rabbi Eliezer son of Ya'akov. Also interesting is how prominent Rabbi Yehudah haNasi (רבי) appeared, as well. Also noteworthy is how frequently Rabbi Shimon is mentioned, since he hasn't been that frequently cited in the first four.
Here we go - the top ten most frequently mentioned sages in סדר קדשים:
1 - רבי יהודה
2 - רבי שמעון
3 - חכמים
4 - רבי מאיר
5 - רבי עקיבא
6 - רבי אליעזר
7 - רבי יוסי
8 - רבי יהושע
9 - רבי
10 - רבי אליעזר בן יעקב ורבי טרפון

As to the most frequently mentioned rabbis for each מסכת, here they are:

זבחים - רבי שמעון
מנחות - רבי שמעון ורבי יהודה
חולין - רבי יהודה
ערכין - רבי יהודה
תמורה - רבי שמעון
כריתות - רבי עקיבא
מעילה - רבי עקיבא
תמיד - רבי אליעזר בן יעקב
מדות - רבי אליעזר בן יעקב
קנים - (שמעון) בן עזאי

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