25 August 2009

Ah....If Only...

In this recent edition of the Jewish Week, Alan Zeitlin wrote a piece called "Can A Rabbi Help You Get Your Groove Back?" One line stuck out to me, speaking to my heart, quoting Ari Goldman,
“Rabbis who hide in the library with their faces in books are not doing their job,” he wrote in an e-mail. “It is not enough to be a scholar. Working with people in need is the greatest thing a rabbi can do. And people with dating concerns are very much in need.”
Ahh...what I would give to be able to just camp out in the library or beit midrash doing research, etc. Alas, it isn't to be. Maybe one day I will merit to spending some solid library time...or not.
I, of course, am not trying to say I want to avoid working with people, especially as rabbis do work for the Jewish people. Anyways, just my two little cents on a dream job (if there are any random donors out there...).

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