28 June 2009

Day Three of 2008 YCT Yemei Iyun in Bible & Jewish Thought

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper speakingI didn't think I was going to have time this morning to blog, but since my gym was robbed last night and it is closed today, voila - I figured I would post on what I had meant to post last summer. Today is the first of three days of YCT's annual Yemei Iyun in Bible and Jewish Thought and I figured I would finish up my posting of last year's event.
Just as YCT did in previous years, day three of last year's Yemei Iyun in Bible and Jewish Thought (yes, I attended day one and day two, as well) focused on Jewish thought.Rabbi Yitzchak Blau speaking
The first session I attended was Rabbi Aryeh Klapper's "Should Facts Affect Faith?"
The second session I attended was Rabbi Shalom Carmy's "Overture to Helek: An Analysis of the Sugya on Resurrection"
After lunch, I attended Rabbi Yitzchak Blau's "The Pitfalls of Individual Providence and General Providence".
I then attended Rabbi Blau's "Is the World to Come Corporeal and Does it Matter?"
Although in the previous two postings about the yemei iyun I posted a little about the presentations, I figured this time I would merely link the audio recordings of them from this posting.

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