01 May 2009

JTwitterverse Coming of Age

With this morning's unveiling of JTA's top 100 Most Influential Jewish Twitterers (props to Adam Soclof for putting it together), it seems like the Jewish presence in the Twitterverse is not only here, but also properly getting recognition. To me, it seems that there is more going on Jewishly in the Twitterverse than a couple of months ago when Jane Herman posted about Jewish Twitterers. As such, it's about time that we properly affix the appellation "JTwitterverse" (unless people would rather the less cumbersome "Jwitterverse"), much similar to Steven I. Weiss' neologistic success, the "JBlogosphere".
On another Twitter note [related to the Jwitterverse], the specific genre of Torah Twitterers must also be acknowledged (to some degree, apropos of the recent CrossCurrents posting (primarily: "There is one aspect
of Jewish singularity about which all agree. The Torah belongs to the Jewish people. No other people has ever viewed its multitude of commandments as binding on them.")). Although I had posted over a month ago about Torah on Twitter, there have been some developments in this matter. Foremost interestingly amongst them is the twagregator, TorahTweets.org, which collects all tweets with #Torah in it. The other advancement is simply the matter of more people joining Twitter (generally, but also Jewishly) and, amongst them, tweeting about Torah (may they increase).
Seperately on the topic of Twittering Torah (and following up my "Trying to Twitter Torah" post), my Twittering Tora
h in my Birkas HaHamah series only went for a few days before it got derailed (by busyness with schoolwork and having my first child born). It was interesting and I would like to attempt it again at the right time - it just takes time to look stuff up.
The one interesting development that emerged from that attempt occurred unexpectedly: I came up with a hashtag. Yup, my very first hashtag I not only created, but also got to catch on a little. I created #BhH (acronym for Birkas haHamah) for my series, but I realized that other people would be interested in all
Birkas HaHamah tweets be able to be easily located, thus #BhH was created.

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DYS said...

I think I'm finally being left behind. Can't keep up with twittering. Don't even know how to read tweets. I'll stick to blogging.