21 December 2008

Today's Wedding

Today, I attended a wedding of friends of ours, where I was a groomsman. It was the first time I was a groomsman since my sister's wedding 17 months and the second time I've worn my tuxedo (the first being my wedding 16 months ago (and it's been hanging up in the closet the entire time)), although we had to go out last night to buy me a tuxedo shirt (fortunately, Macy's was open from yesterday through Wednesday without closing and has sales going on, so we totally lucked out with that), since I did not have a tuxedo shirt (which I found out when I took my tuxedo out of the closet).
Rabbi Weiss officiated at the wedding and did a splendid job, as usual. It was a nice time and lots of people were there who I knew.
Okay, now I have to get ready to be in DC for the next two days to be at the AJS conference.

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