07 April 2008

Yesterday's Wedding

Yesterday, I attended a wedding of a friend of my wife's. Actually, this friend had met her husband at our wedding, as he was a band member there.
There were a lot of firsts about it for me. It was the first where I knew neither the groom nor the bride. It was the first wedding I've attended where not just the seating for the huppah was separate gendered (not uncommon), but also for the meal! So, my wife and I were unable to sit together. Also, they had [faux] flowers on the women's tables, but those of the men's. My guess would be that men don't care about flowers' prettiness(?), so why spend the money on them (alternatively, someone told my wife that it "was a thing" that they don't on account of the femininity attached to them, thus, they were not on the men's side). Also, the bride's mother walked behind her daughter while a rabbinic couple walked her down, which was odd.
A couple of nice things about the wedding were free CDs, as the groom is apparently a musical fellow. Another was supplying the guests with ear plugs, which is a brilliant idea (even if they hadn't supplied them, my wife had remembered to bring a pair along). Also, I had never seen a band at a wedding so numerous - there were more than a dozen band members there.
It was a nice occasion and a new experience.


Eli said...

I think the size of the band was partly due to it being the band the hattan plays in.

Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

I can't do separate seating for the meals. Did you know going in? I've only been to two weddings that had separate seating for dear, dear friends. I had to go to dire lengths to get the conversation flowing at our table. :) Everyone was entirely too polite to talk about anything interesting and I can live without discussing sheitels, babies, shopping, at great length. It was really terrible. It made me really miss men.