17 March 2008

YCT Gala Dinner

Drew & his wifeLast night, I attended YCT's fifth annual gala dinner - my fourth YCT gala dinner in a row. It was a nice event - I always enjoy going, especially on account of the hors d'oeuvres and wine.
As Aliza said, who was seated near us, we "were seated together in what we would lovingly come to call 'the closet,' the table furthest away from any socialization with donors", but that was otherwise alright, as there were flat-screen TVs around so that we could still watch what was going on during the dinner and presentations.
The desserts, though, after the main course took up a whole room unto themselves, which was certainly a treat, although I had to contain myself, as I was already quite full from the meal, itself.
Oh, I forgot to mention, it took place at the UN, which was neat, although it made me realize that I've never been there before for a tour or such, something I should do while we are still living in New York.

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Aliza "La Jewminicana" Hausman said...

Do you think that's the first time that Rabbi Weiss has been at the UN legally? You know, as in not protesting?