02 September 2007

Kosher Dining Options in Washington Heights

Just Kosher minimarket, Golan Heights, and Grandma's Pizza all along Amsterdam AvenueNow that today is Labor Day, fall is soon upon us. A new season is here, school is starting once again, and new people have moved into the neighborhood. With these changes come a couple of new kosher restaurants in Washington Heights and a few of the same previous places. Here they are, in alphabetical order:Dougie Doug's
-Dougie Doug's (212.928.2222) 501 West 184th Street {dairy} - replacing Revaya has just opened up within the last month
-Golan Heights (212.795.7842) 2553 Amsterdam {meat} is going strongly.

-Grandma's Pizza (212.927.4895) 2551 Amsterdam {dairy} is also still going strongly.
-Knish Box (212.544.9044) 4413 Broadway {dairy} - this is a new place and the first kosher restaurant near Bennett Avenue since
Knish box Gruenbaum's on 181st closed in spring 2006. It just opened last week.

As far as Ari's deli (212.740.8030) {meat} is concerned, which had opened up two years ago, I haven't seen them open in several months.
Also, Lake Como Pizza (212.740.0110) 2549
Lake Como Pizza looking closed Amsterdam {dairy} (where Time Out Pizza used to be) is another place that hasn't been open for a long time, so I don't know what the story is there.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

i thought Lake Como just went back to Lake Como for the summer... i expect them to be opening up again soon with the school year starting. could be wrong, though.

Drew Kaplan said...

oh, quite possibly - I hadn't known