02 July 2007

Wedding (okay, not mine)

Yesterday, I was at a fellow YCT student's wedding in Connecticut and it was very interesting for me to pay attention and see what was going on. I have been to several weddings of various people who live in Washington Heights in the last few years, but this was the first wedding I had attended since getting engaged. It is also the only one aside from my sister's wedding that I will be attending before mine. The significance was mainly (per mine) was not only to see how things went as well as the timing of things, but also to get an idea of how to compose an informational booklet for the wedding. All of the weddings I have attended have a program booklet explaining the proceedings. I am in charge of the booklet for my wedding.
Anyways, this wedding was orchestrated by Rabbi Avi Weiss, who really did an absolutely splendidly wonderful job - I really don't know who can perform weddings better than he can - it's simply a work of art to see what he does. Seeing what he does sets an impressive standard and it's a fine model from which to glean.
One of the interesting things for me to see was during the birkat hatanim (a/k/a the sheva berakhos) at the end of the meal that the first three blessings went to women. In and of itself, it wasn't anything strange, but I just had never seen it before.
Joe Scheiner, one of Max Davis' roommates (Max was the groom), upon me saying hello, inquired about my blog, apparently having coming across my blog at some point (there's your shout-out, Joe).

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