15 April 2007

Back in NYC and thoughts about being home

Being back in my hometown of Gahanna (as well as Columbus), the amounts of changes that were going on in Gahanna especially, though also at Easton, were quite numerous. Growing up for most of my life in Gahanna, I got used to the way things were. I suppose that many of the changes that occurred while I was there did not seem so jolting simply because they were gradual.
Nevertheless, even when I was still living there, I noticed the decreasing amount of trees, especially the latter years (and increased development). This time, (especially with the development near Stoneridge Plaza east of Hamilton Road,) I notice a lot less trees growing. Not only in the more commercial areas, but also here and there in residential areas, as well.
Oh well, I suppose it saddens me each time I return, but I have little say in this matter.

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