26 December 2013

New Blog! Launching Today!

Since beginning to blog exactly 101 months ago (yes, that's 8 years and 5 months) today, I have posted up over 600 posts on this blog (and yielded over 100,000 page visits!), which has been great.  However, over the past few months, I've been yearning to share my views in a different forum (with a bit of a different voice), with, hopefully, a broader audience.  

So, a few weeks ago, I began preparations for my new blog and today, it officially launches/launched! ---> http://DrewsViews.info.

This doesn't mean that I'm shutting down this blog or even stopping blogging on this platform.  It does mean, though, that posts I'm hoping are for broader consumption will be there, whereas more personal posts will go up here.

Yes, I had some issues with my blog in the spring and the summer of 2006 (7.5+ years ago!), where I had been faced with pressure from some rabbis at my rabbinical school about my blogging, so I began to ponder my blog's existence and my continuing blogging (you can tell from the posts that spring that I was trying to not get myself in trouble...)  That then led to two further posts, wherein I enunciated my frustrations with blogging and tried to figure out my blogging voice.  Eventually, I decided, that summer to step back from blogging (considering retiring from blogging entirely), but fortunately, I couldn't stay away and decided to continue sharing.  (Yes, I haven't done much meta-blogging since then, continuing on to blog, but I don't know that anyone really misses it.)  

Anyways, I recently realized that although I want to generate content (especially Star Wars-related (but not only)) for a broader audience, I figured this particular blog is not necessarily the place for it, thus I decided to separate my blogs (and my writing voice on each of them).  As such, there are actually a fair amount of posts on this blog that I decided are worthy of sharing on my new blog.  Thus, I've been sharing collections of links to posts on this blog on my new one that are relevant for that blog, as well, and will continue to do so.

Of course, I still have my professional website up at RabbiDrew.info as well as my quotes blog :)  Feel free to come back here, but definitely check out the new DrewsViews site!

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