02 August 2007

Ohio State Fair

Yesterday, we went to the first day of the Ohio State Fair! I hadn't been in years and was so excited to go back. Indeed, I had a nice time, although for my fiance's first time - not so much - it was just too long for her to be there (I imagine that it was partly due to her not being a native Ohioan).
It was pleasant, though I had never realized before how so much of the fair's midway (see for instance, the picture to the left) was flanked by vendors selling primarily food, though some also had games where people can try to win stuffed animals, etc. I also hadn't realized how there were buildings specifically for given animals (one building for sheep, another for chickens) to be judged. One of my favorite buildings was the marketplace building.
Anyways, something that struck me when planning initially on going to the fair was that it was going to last for only 12 days - a short period of time to me, it seemed. I found out that three years ago, they switched from a 17-day long fair to a 12-day duration.
A couple of facts I learned about Ohio is that it is the USA's #1 Swiss cheese producer and is the second-largest egg-producing state in the country. It also is "home to the world's largest Amish population."
I don't know when the next time I will be able to go back to the fair, but I'm glad I did.

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