29 August 2007

Follow-Up From Yesterday's Post on the Anti-Semitic Women on YouTube

It seems the story about the anti-semitic women on YouTube I posted yesterday (HT: Columbus Dispatch) has developed a little bit (btw, apparently Matthew Marx and Dean Narciso, who composed that article, got the story off of tv news reporter, Maureen Kocot) (also, it seems that on the Jblogosphere, Life of Rubin picked up the story from VIN, which has run a series of three posts on the topic: 1, 2, 3). Firstly, Kocot did a further piece (last night's big story on WBNS).
Also, as far as my suggestion that someone contact the ADL in yesterday's posting, it seems that the Ohio ADL's regional director responded by saying
We were deeply disturbed by the message of these videos, which is anti-Semitism, racism and hate. It is frightening that such hateful views would be held by a member of the Columbus force.
As it stands, it seems that the police officer has been reassigned as there is an investigation under way. What is one of the interesting things about this (aside from a discussion of the first amendment) is the discussion about a possible bifurcation of on-the-job behavior and personal conduct (as can be seen in the previous link).

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