23 April 2006

Tuesday: National D-Day Museum (Part 3 of My Fourth Visit to New Orleans)

The main place I wanted to visit during this trip to New Orleans was The National D-Day Museum. In high school, I had gained quite an interest in World War II and the D-Day invasion was certainly memorable. As such, there was no way I was missing it - and I went on Tuesday. I had thought that the museum was about D-Day - the largest amphibious invasion ever. So, when the museum started out on the second level with a lot of pre-WWII stuff and then the beginning of the War, it was fine, and then the entire third floor was about the invasion, etc. Although the museum, in general, was very America-centric, I realized that it was not the official D-Day museum, but rather the American version of such, so it was fine.
I continued after the third floor only to find that the majority of the second floor was about the Pacific theater of war. It was certainly interesting, with an emphasis on noting the various major amphibious invasions of various Pacific islands. It took me longer on the Pacific stuff than I had expected. Eventually, I had to leave without reading some of the stuff as the museum was closing.
I hadn't understood why there was Pacific theater stuff there, though it could've perhaps been due to showing that there was also stuff going on over there. My sister pointed out to me afterwards that it also calls itself America's National World War II Museum. While that may be so, it definitely does not seem like it is comprehensive enough to be about World War II - most likely it started out as being about D-Day and then kept expanding and since there is no WWII museum in this country, they figured why not make this it.
I found that someone else has blogged about the museum, if you want to read more.
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