23 April 2006

Audubon Zoo with Sister on Friday (Part 4 of My Fourth Visit To New Orleans)

On Friday, I went with my sister to the Audubon Zoo and, aside from some raining, it was a fine time. While it was not as large as our local zoo (granted there's also an aquarium in NOLA, but it has yet to open post-Katrina, while the Columbus Zoo has an aquarium as part of the zoo), it was not only still good, but also had some unique exhibits. Undoubtedly the most unique is their Louisiana Swamp exhibit that tries to reflect some aspects of cajun life in addition to the look of swamps. Not to miss is their white alligator (no, it's not albino) nor their white tigers (also, not albino).
One of the interesting facets about the zoo I found were that they were really big on pushing conservation. Don't get me wrong, I feel that it is an obligation on us humans (and a religious obligation for those who believe in such things) and I think that it's really important, but it was fairly constant. A facet that really struck me as being unique, but maybe I haven't been to that many zoos (although I can only currently count the Columbus Zoo and the Biblical Zoo (Jerusalem), I'm pretty sure I've been to more...), was that in addition to the animals, they had a set-up with information about local people and cultures (albeit in a very general fashion).
Lastly, I really took a liking to the ducks. That and some of the monkeys.
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Anonymous said...

Reb Drew,

I noticed you were in physical contact w/ your sister in a photograph you posted. I was wondering if you don't hold like the Rambam and other poskim that it is assur to be nogeah anyone but your mom/ grandmother, and of course wife when she is not niddah. Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

reb anon-

wow, so clever and thought provoking a question...oh wait, no

Anonymous said...

Dear Second anonymous,

Why the sarcastic comment? I am asking a legitimate question of a rabbinical student, who presents himself as such. Would you cre to tell me why it is wrong to ask this question?


First anon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo in my above comment. It should read "care.." not cre.

Drew Kaplan said...

see Rabbi Henkin's teshuvah in B'nei Banim vol.4, section 13 on hugging one's sister
Also, while I don't advocate 'Ulla's action of kissing his sisters on their bosoms, or perhaps on their hands (Shabbat 13a) (Yes, the writer of Tos' ad. loc., s.v. upeliga dideh adideh, does make a clever clarification that he knew of himself that he would not come to have sexual thoughts of his sister, that's what most people would do, and not just completely righteous people do.), once in a while hug of one's sister may not be that bad (again, see the teshuvah I mentioned at the top of this comment), and certainly not when one's arm is merely resting on one's sister's shoulders.