16 May 2007

West Side Mikvah Dedication

On Sunday 3 December 2006, the [Upper] West Side Mikvah held a dedication ceremony that began at Manhattan Day School, where there were several speeches, including by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm.
After the speeches, we went over to the mikveh, which was, first of all, a really nice and clean one - perhaps rivalling any mikveh in the world. Furthermore, it was interesting for me to see the mikvah in its progress, as I, on a field trip with my school and RIETS had seen it in January (2006) and they had just begun to pour the concrete.

(I would've included more details in this post about the event, but I held off for five months and my memory is fuzzy on the details.)


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

do you know how the water gets there?

Drew Kaplan said...

No, though that would be interesting.

miriam said...

sadly, it's still not open (at least last i knew...)