21 May 2007

Reception for Bloggers at the Jewish Museum

Last Thursday night (17 May), I attended a "Special Reception and Tour for Bloggers" at the Jewish Museum, my first such invitation to a special reception for bloggers. It was a nice, small, intimate reception, with a half dozen bloggers (including two from Jewschool, Esther from Jewlicious, & Ariel Beery). We arrived for a reception with wine, cheeses, and cookies. It was the first such blogger reception not just for me, but also for the Jewish Museum, as well.
Before having been invited to this event, I had never even heard of such an idea. Clearly, the benefit to the host - in this case, the Jewish Museum - is to hopefully gain publicity (pretty much free, aside from the refreshments they offered). I would like to see this neat idea implemented elsewhere.
While I have been to the museum a few times previously, this one was interesting as we were led on a brisk tour of their permanent exhibit "Culture and Continuity: The Jewish Journey" by the museum's director, Joan Rosenbaum, who provided a take on the exhibit.

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