01 February 2016

Struggling Between One Main Out-facing Blog and Multiple Spin-Offs

When I began blogging in a more public fashion over two years ago, my intention was to write on a bunch of different topics, causing all sorts of traffic to come my way. While the traffic has been pretty hit-or-miss, with visitors typically checking out some posts, perhaps, but it's not a dedicated site on just one topic.

The set-up of having all of my public-facing content began to change when, having recognized that I liked reading start wars blogs that focused exclusively on Star Wars, I decided that my weekly Star Wars posts needed a home of their own, a separate Star Wars blog for me. I've been noticing recently that my Star Wars blog is getting twice as much traffic than Matters of Interest, causing me to consider spinning off one, if not two further separate blogs for key interests of mine about which I write.

One is to spin off a separate Talmud blog and the other is to spin off a beer blog or, perhaps, more broadly, a beer, whiskey, and more blog. This way, when people come looking for posts on either of these topics, whether Talmud or beer, can see that that topic is a focus of mine and recognize that the website is a place they can return to check out further content on the topic, rather than the current situation of finding a strange mix of topics on Matters of Interest.

One struggle is thinking of the adage that, in order to succeed, seek to focus on one project and run with that rather than working on multiple things. I am not doubting the wisdom or truth of this statement, however, I haven't totally settled with it yet.

The biggest problem with starting up one or two further blogs is a huge one: TIME. If I spin off one or two blogs, then how would I continue to further divide my time and energy on blogging? As it is, I don't seem to have a surplus of time. Also, if I take away my Talmud content from Matters of Interest, then that would be further content I would be missing and seeking to fill on Matters of Interest. If there was money coming my way, I would consider it. Without that, though, I think I am going to keep my beer and Talmud content on Matters of Interest for now.

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Unknown said...

I could never run two or more blogs at a time, because of the same reason... time. But other people tend to be able to do it. Like you mentioned, if there was money involved, it would be a different story. I think that those people that have multiple blogs, can do it, because they have all the time in the world, due to the fact that they live off of the blogs.