16 July 2008

Clubhouse Cafe

I went with my wife last night to the Clubhouse Cafe for one of her friend's birthday dinner. It was my first time being there and it was a good place to eat. The ambiance was nice, mostly darkly lit. The prices were decent. The waiters, as the birthday girl's husband remarked, were nicely built, which was a first in my kosher dining experiences. Although my wife, from her previous two visits, had found the service to be slow, I thought it was just fine (our waiter did a good job, I thought).
We started off with a bottle of white sangria, which was fine (my first ever - I've had red sangria before made by friends, so this was a new taste for me, albeit not as sweet as red sangria). Then, my wife and I ordered buffalo wings (which came with a white dipping sauce), which were tasty (my wife found them too spicy for her, although, to me, they were barely such), along with some club soda. My wife and I then got their house punch, which was a fruity drink, with an amount of alcohol that did not dominate the drink's taste.
For our main dishes, my wife got a roasted chicken sandwich with avocado, which tasted nice. I got their spicy beef chili, which actually was spicy - neither underwhelmingly so (like I had expected), nor too spicy - and tasty, as well. Although there were some beans and even some vegetables, the beef was tasty and filling.
I was, by that point, too full to eat any dessert, but I had a bite to eat of their chocolate soufflé, but I got a part of it that was burnt.
All in all, I enjoyed the dining experience and will probably return.
(Yes, I think this posting is my first one about a dining experience (maybe it is a by-product of all of the watching that my wife does of the Food Network).)

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Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

i remember the music being a bit too loud for good table conversation