30 July 2007


Since I'm back in Gahanna, one thing about which I wanted to post was the development going on over at Creekside. Today, among other things (such as adding to one of our wedding registries (oh, and we now have another addition), figuring out the order of our wedding and picking up stuff left over from my sister's wedding yesterday), my fiance and I went down to Creekside with my parents, my brother's mother and sister and her husband. While there, it was definitely great weather to enjoy walking around Creekside.
However, a visitor to Creekside can't help but notice the construction going on at the already-awarded project in progress. While the new project will certainly be quite nice aesthetically as well as a nice new hangout in Gahanna, it should also provide a nice addition economically to Gahanna, as well.
The one problem that I have with this new addition to Creekside is that along Mill Street, the buildings abut so closely to the street. Perhaps I have gotten so used to growing up with Mill Street being left plenty of space between it and the nearest buildings (especially the old post office (which moved to Lincoln Circle)) is that it seems to be so tight to the street. Yes, the developer may have had in mind to make it more urban-looking, but it still seems so overpowering right up on Mill Street. Anyways, I know I can't change it by any means of pushing it back even just five feet as the construction is well under way (as can be seen in these pictures), but I'm just contributing my "two cents".

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David Staum said...

I agree - In the 2 years I've been living in Columbus, every time I've been on Mill, that building has grown bigger & bigger. It kind of loomed over the Blues Festival. -Shrek (ask Alexis & Josh who Shrek is)