09 August 2006

Lecture on the Meiri - Last Public Lecture of this Year's SBM

Rabbi Klapper speaking at Congregation Shaarei Tefillah on 9 August 2006 on paskening like the MeiriTonight, Rabbi Klapper spoke on the topic of "Paskening like the Meiri" to round out the public lecture series during this year's Summer Beit Midrash program in the Boston area. I had been thinking of trying to quote this piece or that piece, but it was not only overwhelming of the choices from which I could have chose, but that it also would have been tremendously time consuming. So, I highly encourage you to listen to it as it is tremendously informative about paskening like Rabbi Menahem Meiri. Additionally, he also showed briefly how he disagreed with Dr. Moshe Halbertal's article in the first Edah journal.

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Roommates: Suggest you contact YCT regarding incoming (& returning) students needing housing. (I believe I suggested this last year also.) You could ask for an E-mail list of all students and send out one E- to every student.