30 August 2005

A New Year At YCT

YCT's back in session this week! On Sunday, the first year guys and mechina guys went to CT to a ropes course thing, with low ropes / problem-solving activities in the morning and high ropes course activities in the afternoon, which was fun and enjoyable. Yesterday, on Monday, the entire yeshiva went to Jim Thorpe, PA for some whitewater rafting. It was fun, a good time, I got to swim a little bit, which was really nice, with the forest and Pocono mountains around us. It was only, however, a level 1 rapids - definitely easier - and more calm (which allowed for the swimming) - than the level 3 rapids Yonah and I did in Costa Rica in December. Today was the first day of yeshiva, which was kind of exciting, though classes only really start tomorrow. It'll definitely be weird to try to adjust to being a rabbinical student. I don't think I'll really think of myself as that until after our holidays break in October. {Pictures: me on "Pirates' Crossing" ropes thingy & Ross and me learning some mekorot about shabbat, prepared by Rabbi Linzer}


David said...

Hey man, I didn't know you were at YCT. Welcome back to NYC.

Drew Kaplan said...

Fo' shizzle, I am. Thanks for visiting my blog.